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Uterine tonic - helps in Menarche , Menopause , White discharge , helps to improve female health , Menorrhagia .
* Relieves in painful and excessive uterine bleeding .
* Ashwagandha - helps in relieving Pre and Post Menopausal syndrome and also helps in Stress relieving and quality sleep.
* Lodhra - useful in managing Female disorders such as leucorrhoea ( excessive vaginal discharge ) which is caused by vaginal infections as it has anti- microbial and anti - inflammatory properties .
* Anantamul - Purifies Blood toxins and improves skin texture as well.
* Ashoka - It acts as a uterine tonic and helps to manage Menstrual flow and Hormones .
* Shatavari - helps in management of Uterine bleeding or Heavy Menstrual flow.
* Haldi - reduces growth of cells in inner lining of uterus .
* Gokhru - deals with Fertility issues and must not be use during pregnancy .
* Gambhri - helps in Uterus Strengthening and reduces Uterus Swelling .

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